Mountaineering Level 2 (HM-2) - English course -

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The dates link here are for English courses, if you also speak French please click here for more dates. 


It is time for you to master the use of the full panoply of anchors and belaying methods that we use in the mountains, as well as the various techniques for crevasse rescues? You will learn how to master your route finding skills and how to go progress on various terrain types.

  • Rappelling
  • Anchor construction on ice and snow
  • Belaying a second with a belay device
  • Pitched climbing on easy terrain
  • The terrain, its components and advice on glacier travel
  • Crevasse rescue
    • Rope ascending
    • Pulley systems (3 :1, 5 :1, team haul)
    • Escaping the belay
Duration : 2 day from 9am to 5pm
Difficulty level : beginners 
Prerequisite : Mountaineering Level 1 (HM-1)

**At the end of the course you will received revising note. Unfortunately those note and videos are in French only and won't be translated for this season**

**IMPORTANT** For this activity you need special boots to clip on the crampons. If you don't have it (regular trekking boots don't work), you could reserve boots right now! The option will be suggested at the checkout. You should reserved boots 1/2 or 1 size bigger that what you normally wear. The other specific items for climbing are included without additional fee, no reservation need it. 

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