Fjord Tree Top - Regular Adventure

ADULT (18 years old and up): $46.00 per ticket
JUNIOR (8 to 17 years old): $41.00 per ticket
Family of 3 people (2 adults and 1 junior – 8 to 17 years old): $106.00 par groupe
Family of 3 people (1 adult and 2 juniors – 8 to 17 years old): $106.00 par groupe
Family Additionnal Junior (8 to 17 years old) *Max 4 juniors per family: $29.00 per ticket

The Treetop adventure at Cap Jaseux consists of 73 suspended bridges which cross over four separate sections.  These bridges wind through a majestic pine wood forest from platform to platform and tree to tree.  The course is progressive as each section gets more and more challenging.  There is a surprise and a thrill waiting for you behind every tree.

Participant requirements (you MUST comply with ALL conditions) :
  • Must be 8 years old or older
  • Must be at least 5.9ft/1m80 tall, arms extended, from fingertips to toes
  • Weight less than 240lbs/108kg
  • Be less than 46inches/1m17 waist circumference
  • Kids of 16 years old and under must be supervised by a responsible adult (An adult can accompany a maximum of 3 young participants)
  • Participants who are 17 are permitted to do the ropes course alone with a parental authorization.
  • Must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Be in good physical shape and normally healthy
  • Before the activity, you have to listen to the security instructions and do a practice course.
  • Strongly not recommended for pregnant women because of the falling risk or trauma to the stomach
Do not forget:
  • Closed toed shoes (no sandals) and comfortable clothing suitable for physical activity
  • A water bottle that you can wear on your person, easily attach or that you can put into a small backpack.
  • Long hair must be tied back
  • The activity is approximately 4h long including preparation and training time
  • Arrive at the park reception 30 minutes before the beginning of the activity if you are not already on the site. Arrive at the activity depature point 10 minutes before the beginning of the activity if you are on the site.

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