Massage on the beach

Duration: 1 hour

ADULT (18 years old and up): $78.28 per ticket
JUNIOR (8 to 17 years old): $78.28 per ticket
CHILD (0 to 7 years old): $78.28 per ticket

Whether to maximize your outdoor experience to relax or to relax your muscles that were used during your adventures at the Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux,  the massage service offered by Annie Houde is an excellent addition to your stay! Enjoy a moment for yourself, listening to the songs of nature, while enjoying our lovely view of the fjord.

Annie Houde has been practicing massage therapy since 2010. Trained in Massage Therapy at the College of Manitoba, she specializes in Myofascial release therapy to which she likes to add various relaxation techniques. Member l’association des praticiens de la santé naturelle du Canada, you can claim your care according to your personal insurance plan. (Find out beforehand from your insurance company, a note from your doctor may be required).

She is committed to offer her services in a respectful, and comfortable way, and in constant professionalism.

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