Duo sled dogs / Snowmobile

Adult in a group of 4 people ans more.: $111.00 per ticket

This is how a dog sled activity is going.


After a welcome on the site, the participants meet the dogs. They can also, if they wish, participate in the setting up of the team. During the hikes, the participants are two per sled. At least one of them must be able to drive the team of 4 to 6 dogs. Without being difficult, the driving of a team is accessible to the greatest number but nevertheless requires a good sense of balance and good reflexes, as most of the sliding sports require it (cross-country skiing, downhill skiing). By cons, unlike other dog sled outings, the terrain is little hilly but very diverse (plains, woods, fields, ...). As a result, participants are only rarely able to help dogs by pushing the sled up uphill.

A guide is always ahead with his team of dogs. It is also possible to participate in the hike while sitting warm in the sleigh of a guide (thank you to let me know in advance).

Activity is not recommended for pregnant women or people with specific physical problems.

It is essential to be well dressed to fully enjoy the hike. The essential clothes are winter boots, insulated snow pants, a good coat, a good toque and good mittens. Feel free to wear several layers of clothing. You will have the possibility to adapt your outfit according to the changes of temperature. You have to be ready to face strong winds especially in the plains where conditions are sometimes polar!

Note that for this output an equipment loan service is offered. Some clothes (coats, boots, pants) can be loaned on site for free; Call us at 438 883 2726 (or email us at villerayski@gmail.com) for any questions.


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