Drop in | SUP Fitness XT | LaSalle

Duration: 1 day

Crédit : Mike Hitelman
Drop-in: $30.00

This SUP Fitness class is designed to help you build muscle strength and cardio respiratory endurance as well as develop your flexibility and your agility while balancing on your SUP board. Structured as a Boot Camp in order to get you in shape through circuit training with intervals, this is the perfect class to get in shape quickly or to refresh your regular fitness regimen.

To reserve a 4 weeks session, you have to choose in a time schedule below :

Prerequisites: Have previously done SUP or taken an initiation SUP or SUP yoga course. Be confident in water. Participant must be 8 years old minimum; children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

*The course will be postponed only if the course is canceled by KSF

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