QUICK VISIT of the Canine Village

Jeune (6 à 9 ans):
other: $5.00 per ticket
Étudiants (10 à 21 ans): $5.00 per ticket
Adult (18 years old and over): $5.00 per ticket
Rare opportunity to be part of a 65 dogs hierarchy!  For 30 minutes, enter the Canine Village, pet the dogs and puppies, learn a lot on their intense livestyle and inner motivations.
Visit our unique Canine Village at 300 Rang Saint-Julien st., Saint-Ferreol-les-Neiges, QC, CDN, G0A 3R0  For $5 per person or $10 per family, our guides takes you through the pack, from dogs to dogs, in order to anderstand the natural hierarchy

No reservation needed, just show-up just befor 16h00 on friday, saturday or sunday (and hollydays); Please pay on the spot with cash or by TEXTO.

Let the dogs speak for themself by returning to you all the affection and interest that you show them.  The puppies are always a popular attraction.

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