KAYAK - Session 2 : Eskimo Roll

Duration: 3 hours

Per person: $65.00 per participant

The Eskimo roll is a technique that has been developed by our ancestors of the North, the Inuit, formerly known as Eskimos. You will learn this maneuver throughout this lesson, which consists of returning your capsized kayak to an upright position. The instructor will assist you during your first attempts. This course is necessary for someone who wishes to venture rivers. Can be taken with Initiation 1, which we strongly advise to take on the same day in order to fully grasp the basic techniques and to put them into practice.

*Combo discounts are only applicable for bookings made by phone : see our Policy.

Prerequisites: Be confident in water. Session 1 completed or equivalent experience. Participant must be 10 years old minimum; children under the age of 16 require parental authorization.

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